SEPTA Frankford District Transportation Building
Project Type
Square Footage

Kelly/Maiello utilized sustainable design principles

for the 19,900 SF Facility that houses a dispatch and training room, lockers and a lounge for 300 bus drivers as well as offices.  Flanked by a large SEPTA bus terminal to the east and a row house neighborhood to the west, our design responds to both contexts.  This synthesis resulted in an exterior volume contrasting in transparency and opacity, recalling industrial buildings of the area and brick row houses of the neighborhood.  Natural light washes the interior lounge and lunchroom from skylights above for bus drivers waiting between assignments.  The double height of these spaces defined by a glass wall provides a feeling of openness and calm that is a stress-relieving outlet for all bus drivers as they relax between assignments.

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Photo/Image credits:  Halkin | Mason Photography