The School District of Philadelphia
General Philip Kearny Elementary School Addition
Project Type
Square Footage
Construction Cost
$6 Million

A new 16,000 SF annex building

adds a gymnasium, multi-purpose room with large glazed windows that provide generous daylight and offer views of the neighborhood, classrooms and offices to the Philip Kearny Elementary School. A link connects the annex to the existing building with stairs and a wheelchair lift to provide accessibility between the annex and the raised main floor of the existing school. The school and community can now use the existing auditorium and new multipurpose room after hours. The building’s exterior uses three brick colors to harmonize with the stone of the existing structures. Along the north side of the building a landscaped and brick paved area continues a pattern established in the front yards of adjacent houses presenting a welcoming facade to the community and passers-by. Kelly/Maiello adapted the School District’s prototype annex design for the Kearny Elementary School campus.

annex plan crop
kelkea03 classroom

Photo/Image credits:  Halkin | Mason Photography