Our Vision

We strive to make good places for people.

We are architects and planners committed to architecture with purpose – design that shapes the public realm and builds community. We listen and together work to define places that respond to human needs and aspirations. Each project’s site, surroundings, social and cultural elements inspire architecture that supports and enhances the project's program.

Our Leadership

We are a diverse team that reflects the clients and community we serve.

The practice has continuously evolved since 1976, embracing new clients, technologies, materials and building types. The current leadership transition began the gradual and continuous evolution from the firm's identification with the two founding principals, Emanuel Kelly FAIA and Vincent Maiello AIA (retired). Principals now include Troy C. Leonard AIA, James Karmolinski AIA, Brian Yachyshen AIA, and Kathryn Babcock AIA.

Our Process

We are conscientious designers who care about your building.

Our work is one of collaboration, among clients, staff and consultants. Our office is a physical representation of how we work. With one large room, it facilitates and symbolizes the collaboration and constant exchange of energy and ideas that are the basis for our creative process. We consider each project on its own terms, with experience not preconception, according to the needs and aspirations of the client and users. Principals are intimately involved in all aspects of the work from initial discussions with the client through completion of construction. This continuity of effort by experienced people assures the highest quality of service, within schedules and available budgets.

Our History

We are shaped by our past, looking to the future.

Our history is rich; the people who have made that story and lead the firm are an alliance of architects who engage architecture as a humanizing force in the design for buildings. We analyze the past but reach for the future. Our heritage allows us to choose invention and experimentation.