Comcast Art Walls
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KMA created new seating areas at the Comcast Center's concourse level.

The 2,100-square-foot venue is located at the bottom of the grand staircase connecting the Winter Garden on the main level to the lower level concourse leading to the food court. It's become a convenient amenity to many for phone charging, grabbing something to eat or meeting up with friends. The Art Walls, which are formed by a combination of curved and flat walls surrounding the seating areas, feature a montage of historic photographs of Philadelphia. New lighting makes the images pop, and sheltered counter seating areas provide semi-private spaces for laptop use or phone calls.

comcastartwalls 1 1140x760x72

Comcast Art Walls Photo Sources

In developing the graphics for the Art Walls, we turned to Getty Images' online collection for source material and sorted by Philadelphia at the street level and across time. We focused on images that reflected the city's strengths: markets, parks, neighborhoods and history. It was important that the richness of its people and architecture be expressed.

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The Art Wall Stories

The montages are arranged as a continuous strip with one merging into the next, starting in black and white, transitioning to color then finishing in black and white. The color images are installed on curved walls that define the table seating areas, reinforcing the curve of the grand stair with the black and white images are installed at the counter seating areas.

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The Art Wall Murals

comcastartwalls 4 1140x760x72

Art Walls East Table Seating: Before and After 

comcastartwalls 5 1140x760x72

Art Walls East Table and Counter Seating: Before and After

comcastartwalls 6 1140x760x72

Art Walls West Table Seating: Before and After

comcastartwalls 7 1140x760x72

Art Walls West Table and Counter Seating: Before and After

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