Comcast Technology Center
Newsstand Kiosks
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Kelly Maiello concluded our work on the new Comcast Technology Center

with the architectural documentation of two high-tech newsstands which now operate at the corners of 1800 and 1900 Arch Street in Philadelphia.  Interestingly, the pair of kiosks were designed by London-based architects Foster & Partners (also responsible for the new Technology Center) as a distinct feature of the new tower. These modern throwback newsstands sell newspapers, magazines, coffee and grab-and-go food items. The designs feature folding glass windows, heating and ventilation that allow for year-round operation to promote activity near the entrances of the tower and establish a positive precedence for future newsstands in the city. The design addressed all building and safety codes, and meets Philadelphia health code requirements.

kiosk campus plan
Plan courtesy Foster & Partners
Daytime rendering
perpective night
Nighttime rendering
east kiosk
East Kiosk
west kiosk
West Kiosk