Strawberry Mansion Community Development Corporation
John Coltrane Museum and Cultural Arts Center Site Feasibility Study
Project Type

2022 Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia John Andrew Gallery Community Action Award

2021 AIA Philadelphia Honor Award Winner in Planning/Unbuilt Category

Strawberry Mansion Community Development Corporation (SMCDC) is a Philadelphia community-based non-profit. Established in 2004, their mission is to promote sustainable revitalization through residential, commercial, and economic development; historic preservation; and empowerment of the community. In the former residence of the late, great modern jazz saxophonist John W. Coltrane, SMCDC saw an exceptional opportunity for mission fulfillment.

The Coltrane House, located at 1511 N. 33rd Street, was built in 1903. Designated as a National Historic Landmark, it is on the National Register of Historic Places and is listed on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places. The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission placed a marker honoring Coltrane in front of the house in 1990.

By developing this property into a world-class venue where jazz can be heard, studied, and appreciated, SMCDC will create a gateway to the Strawberry Mansion neighborhood, contribute to its revitalization, and preserve the historic residential row’s architectural character.

We were responsible for leading the site feasibility study and conceptual design of three options for repurposing the property and three adjoining rowhouses as a museum and cultural arts center. 

Read more about this project on SMCDC’s website.

coltrane b1 1140x569
Location of Philadelphia's Strawberry Mansion neighborhood
coltrane b2 1140x567
Detail of house location on 33rd Street
coltrane b3 1140x720
East elevation existing conditions
coltrane b4 1140x636
West elevation existing conditions
coltrane b5 1140x636
West elevation proposed
coltrane b6 1140x513
Three proposed options for adaptive reuse program
coltrane b7 1140x755
Option 3 was selected
coltrane b8 1140x805
John Coltrane, 1963