Comcast Technology Center Tunnel and Concourse
Project Type

The design and coordination of the underground campus connection

between Comcast's Global Headquarters and its new Technlogy Center in Philadelphia was completed by Kelly Maiello Architects.  The project involved threading a subterranian pedestrian tunnel through concourse service spaces in the existing building, under a garage ramp and across the street to connect to the new Technology Center.  Concurrently, the garage ramp was demolished and rebuilt to meet new street grades while maintaining access tto the garage during the phased construction.  Effective long-lasting waterproofing of the pedestrian tunnel and ramp was paramount for the project, as there are finished public spaces beneath.

The site of the tunnel is bounded on the north side by the historic Arch Street Presbyterian Church, constrained by the SEPTA Center City Regional Rail line directly below, and above by new streetbed.

Challenges included "threading the needle" between existing foundations, waterproofing against multiple materials and conditions, and working with public and private agencies for the relocation of all major water, sewer and electrical utility lines.  

Surface improvements include a refreshed Cuthbert walk, including a beautiful new entry plaza for Arch Street Presbyterian, ADA accessibility and new stone curbs and steps.

tunnel graphic with captions
concourse central v18 a 3d cutaway of tunnel flat light
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