Cheyney University
Cheyney New Student Housing
Project Type
Square Footage
Construction Cost
$45 Million

The historic Campus Green is surrounded

by an array of buildings that include academic offices, classrooms, meeting facilities, residence halls, and Landscape spaces. The expanse of the lawn is the University’s main congregating area. Our design takes it cues from the Landscape and forms a new quadrangle, outdoor room for gathering, south of the historic campus green. The new student residence hall is the first phase of its development.

The residence hall includes 175 apartment suites for 377 students with common social and study spaces on each floor between wings. Windows in apartment suites provide generous natural light, ventilation and afford dramatic views of campus and surrounding countryside. The four story residence hall was designed as an extension from the campus green and its surrounding buildings of an earlier tradition. The 4 story building is integrated into the campus architecture, land and linked by a pedestrian walk. The outdoor room is as important as any building. The interior organization is similar to that of a small village. The result suggests the richness of community and the urban experience.

The building is made with a contemporary lightweight modular steel construction. The surface of the facades is modulated offering a delicate balance of sold and void, alternating layers of metal and windows, colored stone and precast concrete. The gabled roofs are sheathed with metal.

cheyney pix int main lge north view maiche10
cheyney pix ext patio south maiche04
cheyney pix int main lge blue wall maiche07

Photo/Image credits:  Halkin | Mason Photography